Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Entrepreneurial and the Creative

In 2012, Gossips shared the information, originally reported in the Albany Business Review, that Hudson had the most self-employed workers in New York State. The two major metropolitan areas in the country that rivaled Hudson's rate of self-employment (9.96 percent) were San Francisco (9.3 percent) and Los Angeles (9.0 percent.)

More recently, a report from the Regional Alliance for a Creative Economy indicates that, among metropolitan regions of similar size, the Capital Region, of which Columbia County is a part, has the second highest concentration of creative jobs--design, media, visual arts and handcrafted products, performing arts, heritage and preservation. What's more, there are only two counties in the entire country--Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, and Taos County, New Mexico--that have a higher concentration of independent artists than we do here in Columbia County.

Thanks to Chad Weckler for bring this report to our attention

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