Thursday, May 21, 2015

What's Happening at the Armory

This week, the Hudson Area Library released these photographs of the work going on at the Armory to create the library's new home. The first picture shows the handicapped ramp leading to the building entrance on North Fifth Street. The second picture shows the west side, the Short Street side, of the drill shed which will become the new library space. The third picture shows the west side of the space, facing North Fifth Street.

The library anticipates being able to move in before the end of this year. There is no word on the progress of the part of the building destined to become the City of Hudson senior center.


  1. I am curious if anyone knows where the parking will be?

    1. When the Planning Board was doing its site plan review of the Armory project, they required a parking study, which demonstrated that there was sufficient onstreet parking. The Planning Board found that study to be adequate evidence.

      Galvan has purchased at least one house on Short Street, and it is rumored that others are being purchased as well. Perhaps the plan is to demolish those houses to create a parking lot for the Galvan Community Center. Demolishing houses--just what's needed in a city were there is a much discussed shortage of affordable housing.