Monday, May 25, 2015

About the Health of the Hudson

There's the editorial in the New York Times this morning about General Electric, the cleanup of PCBs, and the future health of the river: "Decision Time on the Hudson."

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  1. When a dog park was being discussed for the old Foster's Refrigeration site at North 2nd Street, the plan was to bury Hudson's very own PCBs under new soil, along with Foster's arsenic, barium and 2600 cubic yards of lead. (The site's asbestos was to be removed.)

    At the March Informal Meeting of the Common Council, mayoral candidate Fred Stark asked the council about Hudson's share of free-ranging PCBs.

    The reply came from Mr. Whitbeck, who seemed to be running the entire show. "There are no PCBs in Hudson. Zero! None!"

    Everyone laughed, but you have to wonder whether or not our Corporate Counsel knew he was in error?