Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gossips Celebrates Preservation Month 2015 Historic Detail 30

We've reached the penultimate detail in the 2015 Historic Detail Hunt. Before we get to that, though, let's review the rules and reveal the prizes. Those who take up the challenge, are asked to submit a numbered list, identifying each detail by the address or location of the building on which it is found. The lists must by submitted by email to Gossips before midnight on Tuesday, June 2. That gives you all of this glorious weekend and two more days to locate the details, submit your answers, and win a prize.

To motivate you to look, here are the prizes:
  • First Prize--a $50 gift certificate to the Red Dot--goes to the person (or team) who is first to submit a list identifying the locations of all thirty-one architectural details correctly. 
  • The three Runnerup Prizes--$25 gift certificates to Olde HudsonFairview Wines & Spirits, and Trixie's Oven--go to the next three people (or teams) to submit their lists and to identify the most details correctly.   
Equip yourself for the hunt by downloading the updated walking list, which has all details presented thus far, including this one--the detail for today.


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