Friday, October 2, 2015

Ear to the Ground

Hudson Arcade at 449 Warren Street, the Galvan building that started life as a 7-Eleven or some such thing, may finally be getting a tenant. An article that appears today on page A3 of the Register-Star, "CEDC presents 2016 budget draft," reports that Dena Moran, owner of Olde Hudson Specialty Foods, is seeking a $75,000 loan to finance moving her business from its present location at 421 Warren Street to 449 Warren Street, dubbed the Hudson Arcade by the Galvan Foundation.

The Hudson Arcade project began in the summer of 2012. At that time, the intended tenant for the new space was Filli's Fresh Market. By April 2013, the idea that Filli's would occupy the space had been abandoned. In the fall of 2013, almost exactly two years ago today, the Hawthorne Valley Association announced that it was assessing the feasibility of opening a version of its farm store here in Hudson. At the beginning of this year, after close to two years of researching the possibility, Hawthorne Valley gave up the idea of establishing a store at this location in Hudson.

Not counting the short-lived rumor--hoax, really--that Citarella was establishing an upstate location in the building, Olde Hudson is the third possible tenant that has considered this space. Established fourteen years ago, the well respected and successful Olde Hudson has so far occupied three different locations on the 400 block of Warren Street as it has developed and expanded.


  1. Somehow I remember that the original vision touted for this site was that of a plain ole grocery store within walking distance for the everyday needs of everyman; a sort of Sam's Supermarket reborn. Not to criticize Olde Hudson, which is excellent for what it is, but...

  2. Seriously. The town has 6700 people. What everyman supermarket do you expect to open here? It's magical thinking.

    1. My comment was more to the point of the public statements advanced by the developer when this project was implemented. However -- IGA in Hillsdale, population 1,927. Hannaford's in Livingston, population 3,646.