Monday, October 12, 2015

Time for Action

Things are not looking good in the battle against the transmission upgrades threatening the farmlands and scenic vistas that surround us. It appears that, despite a growing body of evidence that the upgrades are not needed and the best way to produce energy is close to where it is consumed, the NYS Public Service Commission is poised to approve the scheme to bring electricity from upstate power plants to downstate consumers.

Photo: Farmers and Families of Claverack
Here are three things everyone should do now:
  1. Read this call to action from Farmers and Families of Claverack: "Nothing can stop powerlines from marching through Columbia County . . . but you."
  2. Call Governor Andrew Cuomo--518 474-8390--and tell him there is no need for a project that would cost taxpayers more than a billion dollars and damage the Hudson Valley's beauty, environment, farms, and more.
  3. Contact the Public Service Commission and give them the same message.
Just do it . . . now.

1 comment:

  1. The Public Service Commission barely considered the low-impact alternatives. Public pressure would give the PSC a reason to take a harder look.