Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Reminder About Commenting

Gossips recently changed its commenting policy to allow commenters to opt for "Anonymous" when asked to select a profile. This was done for the benefit of readers who do not have Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, or TypePad accounts and do not wish, for whatever reason, to establish such an account. However, if you select "Anonymous" as your profile, you must sign your comment. If it is not signed, it will not be published.


  1. Do you mean that you will see the signature but it will be published as "Anonymous"?

    1. No, olanafanatic, that's not what will happen. What will happen is illustrated by this reply to your question. "Anonymous" will appear at the top, but the commenter's identity will be revealed at the end of the comment.

      The people for whose benefit I have made this change do not have a problem owning their comment. Rather, for one reason or another, they are reluctant to create an online profile. So, a profile is no longer required, but total anonymity is not a possibility.

      ~Carole Osterink