Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Great Opportunity for Hudson Pet Owners

It was just announced on the Hudson Police Department's Facebook page that the HPD now has a microchip pocket reader that can scan lost pets for microchips and help reunite them with their humans more quickly. The microchip scanner was purchased with an anonymous donation secured by Desiree Webber of New Leash on Life Rescue in Clermont.

This is great news for people whose pets already have microchips, but there's more good news for people whose dogs and cats do not have microchips. Webber is collaborating with Elaine Tucker, DVM, from Round Top Animal Hospital in Germantown, to hold a special event on Saturday, November 7, at 3 p.m. at Providence Hall. Pet owners in Hudson can bring their pets to be implanted with microchips. Each chip has a code which is then registered with Home Again®. Should your pet go missing, the HPD can now scan the chip and contact you, eliminating a trip to the shelter for your pet and possibly hours of anxiety for you. There is a one-time fee of only $11 (to be paid in cash) to have your pet implanted with a microchip and its vital information--your contact information--entered into the Home Again® database, where it can be accessed by the police, dog wardens, and pet rescue agencies. This is a wonderful opportunity to safeguard your beloved furry companions. Having a pet microchipped at a vet's office can cost as much as $75. Don't miss out.

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