Sunday, October 18, 2015

"If It's Me Reading the Signs"

Incumbent aldermen Abdus Miah and Tiffany Garriga are running for reelection in the Second Ward. They are running unopposed. No one else's name appears on the ballot, although Miah's name appears three times. Unless someone in the Second Ward decides to mount a fierce and successful write-in campaign, Miah and Garriga will be re-elected. There's no question about it. Still, the Second Ward is studded with campaign signs for the two of them.

What's curious about the signs, aside from the fact that they would seem to be totally unnecessary, is that, although Miah and Garriga were both endorsed by the Hudson City Democratic Committee, the design of their signs is different from the design of the signs for the HCDC-endorsed candidates running in the Fifth Ward, Justin Goldman and Ken Hollenbeck.

Instead the design of the Miah/Garriga signs matches that of the signs for Fourth Ward alderman candidates Alexis Keith and Lauren Scalera.

Scalera, it will be remembered, was not endorsed by the HCDC but primaried the endorsed candidates and bested Rich Volo by 8 votes. Volo, however, with the endorsement of the Working Families Party, is still in the race.



  1. But were the 8 votes by which Mr. Volo was bested cast in the correct ward?

    Why did the mayor veto sorting that out? What was the gain from sabotaging democracy?

    There's enough bad faith in both political parties in Hudson, so when will voters finally tire of bad faith?

  2. I thought it was odd spotting Miah/Garriga signs Saturday on the south side of Warren below 3rd. After all, that is the First Ward n'est-ce pas?

  3. Wow, what a non story this is! The inference of this story is so wide of the mark, I’m now getting spasms in the gray synapse of reality. (mimicked previous post)

    Campaign signs aren’t only used by candidates being challenged, I have seen candidates use signs challenged or not! The insinuation in this article is, that one group of endorsed candidates is trying to distance themselves from another group of candidates and I don’t see that to be the case at all. If a political party wants uniformity in signs and political handouts, the party should pay for and provide those to the candidates, opposed or not, depending on the candidates desire. If a candidate pays for his or her own signs, he or she should be able to choose whatever design they so desire.

    My question is, were the candidates on the same slate as the referenced candidates in the 5th ward ever called and offered signs by the party? Lauren Scalera, Alexis Keith, Abdus Miah and Tiffany Garriga were all elected by the people of the Democratic Party of the City, did the party offer to buy them signs? This issue is simply hyperbole of what really happened. This kind of rhetoric is what fuels the political hysteria around here.