Saturday, October 24, 2015

X Marks the Spot

In June, Berkshire Bank introduced its new logo, which will eventually replace the leaf in all its signage. The press release announcing the rollout explained that the new logo "builds on its America's Most Exciting Bank® brand and creates a new, modern look and feel that reflects the company's growth and positions it for the future."

Berkshire Bank, which is headquartered in Pittsfield, started affixing its new logo to buildings and signs at the eastern edge of its territory and has been moving west. On Friday, the plans to the attach the new logo, with its "new, modern look and feel," to the 1922 bank building on the southwest corner of Warren and Sixth streets, now occupied by Berkshire Bank and famous for the central role it played in the 1959 film Odds Against Tomorrow, came before the Historic Preservation Commission for a certificate of appropriateness.

Of the logo, HPC member Phil Forman quipped, "It looks like the Michelin man was run over." The HPC could do nothing about the design of the logo. All they could do was request that the logo, which is to have a matte gold and black finish and be illuminated internally, be installed a little lower on the east facade of the building, to center vertically between the bas-relief medallion and the ground floor window. The applicant agreed to the request.

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