Friday, October 9, 2015

Last Day to Register to Vote

If you are not already registered to vote, act now! Elections in Hudson are won and lost by very small margins. Every vote counts.

Courtesy Hudson FORWARD
To cast the ballot that could decide Hudson's future, you must be registered, and the deadline to register in order to vote in the November election is TODAY. 

Download the voter registration form here. You can deliver your completed form in person to the Board of Elections, 401 State Street, until 5 p.m. today. Or you can mail your completed form. It must be postmarked today, October 9, and arrive at the Board of Elections by Wednesday, October 14. 

Today is also the deadline for changing party enrollment or enrolling in a party if you are currently an NOP (no official party) in preparation for voting in the presidential primary next spring.


  1. Thank you, Carole! And, if you're already registered in Columbia County but not in the party in which you want to cast a presidential-primary ballot in April, your change of enrollment has to be RECEIVED at the Board of Elections today. A postmark won't cut it for a change of enrollment!

  2. And, may I add, to whet your appetite for this November's election, you can now view your sample ballot at

  3. r Hudson elections won by simple majority or does one have to win the various wards ala an electoral college type of setup as ive heard but wanted to verify?

    1. Citywide elections are decided by popular vote. The weighted vote system applies only to the votes of aldermen on the Common Council.