Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Compelling Read for the Morning After

At 2:40 this morning, minutes after Donald Trump made his acceptance speech, this commentary by David Remnick appeared in The New Yorker: "An American Tragedy."

Gratitude to TMH for bringing this to our attention


  1. Remnick is on target in his eloquent way. I am thinking more critically about the situation and the Democratic Party's capacity to lead us out of this mess. Trump is truly just the festering pimple on a rotting corpse. More here:

    Mark Orton

    1. It was the party of Aaron Burr which cooked up this mess, and seemingly with no contingency plans if the self-damaging HRC were to lose.

      Who's supposed to lead the way forward anyway? Tim Kaine? The familiar players are now too old, and in future, younger stars like Gillibrand will avoid being identified with Obama's policy failures.

      As someone who wouldn't vote for either of the two principals, it looks to me like you're set on the wrong corpse.

      T. O'Connor

    2. I should add that the situation as I've described it gives little satisfaction.