Friday, November 4, 2016

Know Your Ballot

By now, you all know that on Tuesday when you mark your ballot, you must remember to turn the ballot over and vote on Proposal One, which will establish voting districts of equal population and do away with the weighted vote in the Common Council, and Proposal Two, which will create a Service Award Program for our volunteer fire fighters. 

A query from a reader yesterday suggests that two columns on the front of the ballot require some comment: Columns 3 and 4, Justice of the Supreme Court, 3rd Judicial District. Two men are running: Andrew G. Ceresia and Michael Mackey. 

Both men are sure to win, because there are two vacancies on the Supreme Court, and they are the only two running. Although both are Democrats, they are both running on four party lines: Democrat, Republican, Conservative, and Independence.

If you are curious to know more about these men who will be elected to fourteen-year terms on the bench, you can visit their campaign websites--Ceresia and Mackey--or read about them in the Daily Freeman and Poughkeepsie Journal

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  1. Along with our popular but damaged choices for POTUS, New York state can boast 32 additional individuals who are certified write-in candidates for president: