Thursday, November 10, 2016

Seen at the Polls

Dear Diary,
I seem to be the only person left in the world who believes that wearing campaign buttons and other political paraphernalia while voting constitutes electioneering and is thus prohibited. My belief is based on my memory of a story I read as child, probably in "Life in These United States" in Reader's Digest. As I recall it, a woman showed up to vote in 1957 wearing a skirt covered with "I Like Ike" buttons, and she was required to remove her skirt and stand in line at the voting machine clad only, from the waist down, in her slip.
So on Monday, when a man got in line at the voting machine where I was stationed wearing a jacket bearing a crest with the initials HRC, I was, in my capacity as an official poll worker, about to inform him that wearing campaign gear at the polls was verboten. Then I saw the sleeve of the jacket and realized that in this case HRC did not stand for Hillary Rodman Clinton but for Harley Rendezvous Classic.
"Micropolitan Diary" is Gossips' homage to and blatant imitation of "Metropolitan Diary" in the New York Times. The term micropolitan was coined (by Gossips) because Hudson is a metropolis in microcosm.

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