Friday, November 18, 2016

One Good Thing Ends, Another Begins

Tomorrow is the last day of the season for the Hudson Farmers Market. It's going to be a uncommonly warm and lovely November day tomorrow, so be sure to show up at the market to buy squashes and pumpkins, Brussels sprouts and kale, pie and all the other good things you'll need for your Thanksgiving feast. 

After taking Thanksgiving weekend off, many of your favorite HFM vendors will return on Saturday, December 3, for the opening of the Hudson Indoor Market. The indoor market will happen every Saturday in December, right up to Christmas Eve. This year, the indoor market will be in a new, more spacious location: Hudson Lodge at 601 Union Street. 


Photos courtesy Christine Jones

1 comment:

  1. What a magnificent building - one of the absolute jewels of Hudson that has so many of them. For some reason, that building never really crossed my radar screen. I need to get out more!

    What is the history of this building? I know you are the one to ask Carole. :)