Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An Explanation and an Announcement

There were no new posts yesterday because Gossips got completely distracted reading a new novel by Byrne Fone, author of Historic Hudson: An Architectural Portrait. Back in the early years of the 21st century, many people said they were writing murder mysteries set in Hudson. More than a decade later, Fone is the first--probably the only-- one to follow through.

Gossips learned early yesterday morning, from the author himself, that, in the esteemed 19th-century tradition initiated by Charles Dickens, he had published the first installment of Utopia Falls: A Jeremy Hudson Mystery on Amazon Kindle. For a mere 99 cents, anyone who has any kind of electronic device--it doesn't have to be a Kindle--can read this book in progress. Here's a quote from the author's description of the book: "When a series of brutal murders rocks the calm of the small upstate town of Utopia Falls, where native inhabitants--'Old Falls'--who have lived in the Falls for generations bitterly resent 'New Falls' residents--straight & gay antiques dealers, artists, actors, musicians, celebrities and wealthy newcomers--who have made the once sleepy town an elegant and chic destination, Jeremy Hudson, a young writer recently arrived from New York, is determined to discover the source of this animosity and who has chosen murder to further set 'Old Falls' against 'New Falls.'"

Utopia Falls is, of course, fictionalized Hudson, and a big part of what makes the book entertaining and engaging for us Hudsonians is the challenge of matching the people and places of Utopia Falls with the people and places of Hudson. Intriguing, too, is the way Fone weaves the history of Utopia Falls, discovered by his protagonist in ancient newspapers and manuscripts in the rare book room of the local library and clearly inspired by Fone's own research for Historic Hudson, into this tale of grim and brutal murder. 

What has been published so far is just the first installment. Fone invites readers to let him know if they want more. After reading the 216 pages now available, this reader earnestly hopes that Fone will finish the book.


  1. Hopefully they will need a computer expert to help solve the case.

    1. Ha! I, too, was hoping to appear fictionalized in the novel, but so far all Byrne has promised is not to make me the murderer or a victim.

    2. But every "fictional"town needs a gossip, soooooo who knows.