Thursday, November 10, 2016

Of Interest Tonight at the Library

Tonight, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Community Room of the Hudson Area Library, students from Columbia-Greene Community College will present the Gotsch Papers, a research project focusing on the social and cultural history of Hudson in the 19th century. The project, led by C-GCC assistant professor of history Nicole Childrose, was inspired by the local history research done in the 1970s by former C-GCC academic dean Charles Gotsch. In their presentation, students will present their research, carried out in the History Room at the library with the support of History Room volunteers, and provide an analysis of the society and culture of Hudson and the surrounding area in the early 19th century. A question-and-answer session will conclude the presentation.

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  1. Charlie Gotsch was my Social Sciences instructor in 1972, when, as an older student (25)I attended CGCC at its first setting, in Athens. In '74, we were the first to graduate in the "new" CGCC building.He was a wonderful human being and enriched my life so much by further educating me about national and world politics, etc.. I was thrilled when we got to go to Washington on a trip he planned, which, among other things, allowed us to witness a hearing with testimony from some of the lawyers involved with Watergate conspirators. It was an unforgettable experience (especially for an upstate girl), and he was an unforgettable human being.