Friday, November 4, 2016

Never Make a Typo in Cast Iron

It's been more than a month since Gossips reported the appearance of a New York Folklore Society marker on Route 29 in Greenport, recounting the legend of Spook Rock.

Soon after the marker was dedicated on September 18, a typo was discovered--one that created a subject-verb agreement error. The typo was not in the copy submitted by the Greenport Historical Society, so the foundry that created the marker has taken responsibility for the error and is correcting it. On Monday (Halloween, the perfect time for spooky legends), the marker was taken down and shipped back to the foundry. When the typo has been corrected, the marker will be returned to its place on Spook Rock Road.


  1. while they are at it tell them to correct the legend too _ its NOT when church bell ring - its under a full moon !

  2. Thank heavens. That was so troublesome (and I’m not being facetious). I’m just hoping that the punctuation marks after “rings” and “over” are commas and not periods. I can’t tell from the photo.