Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Following the DRI

Since early October, the Downtown Revitalization Initiative has had a Facebook page: Hudson Bridge District. Now, it also has a website: Hudson DRI.

The website includes basic information about the DRI program and information about past and future DRI meetings in Hudson, and lists the members of the DRI Local Planning Committee. It also includes a page devoted to the Housing Task Force which presumably is overseeing a housing initiative being pursued in tandem with DRI process. The page provides the following tripartite statement of purpose for the task force. 
1. Understand Hudson's current housing needs via review [of] past and current prepared reports as well as through studying best practices & successful strategies for housing development.
2. Develop near-, mid-, and long-term actionable solutions e.g. municipal resolutions, financing sources, public-private partnerships with a timeline that will work in tandem with the DRI in the near term. 
3. Build community consensus for solutions via ongoing, transparent communication and inclusive outreach.
It also provides a list of the people who make up the Housing Task Force

The task force met this past Monday at 9:30 a.m., in a meeting that eluded Gossips' notice. Its next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 20, at 11 a.m., at 1 North Front Street.


  1. We finally have what promises to be a viable hard working council. Gone are those who take up space and haven't said a word in two years, gone is the one who can't stay awake and when he is awake looks to his leader to make a decision and finally gone are the two who speak to others like they are crap under their feet. There are a couple who made an attempt to do their job to them a big thank you. There is one who was elected to another term. My hope is she understands what the mayor elect is trying to accomplish-ONE HUDSON not one ward. Here's to a better two years.

    1. Rick Scalera submitted this reply by email:

      It must be satisfying to you to simply criticize all those that had the courage to run for office and serve while you offer nothing to better our community and hide behind a screen name to boot.

  2. What good is running if you win and don't do the job?