Tuesday, November 28, 2017

More Intel from the HDC Meeting

In addition to the news of who submitted proposals for the Kaz site, Gossips learned a couple more things at today's meeting of the Hudson Development Corporation board. First, HDC stands to make $2 million on the sale of the Kaz site. Commenting on the agency's fiscal outlook for 2018, Don Moore, who is the treasurer of the HDC board, said, "While we may be pinching pennies at the beginning of the year, by the end of the year, we may be having to look at a sophisticated investment strategy."

Also, on the subject of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, it was learned that the five subcommittees of the DRI Local Planning Committee created to address community priorities--Retain, create and train for jobs; Encourage mixed-use, mixed-income development; Transportation connectivity; Waterfront; Healthy and affordable food--have been meeting outside the context of a public meeting and will be reporting to the full LPC at the meeting on Thursday night. Also at that meeting, "project intake worksheets," which are presumably to be used to propose DRI projects for consideration, will be made available.

The DRI meeting on Thursday, November 30, is a work session for the DRI Local Planning Committee. The public can observe the proceedings, but there will be limited opportunity for public input. The meeting intended engage the public occurs the following Thursday, December 7. Both meetings take place at John L. Edwards Primary School and begin at 6 p.m.


  1. How many of Columbia county's motor boaters know they're paying $.40/gallon for EXPANDED river access even while the city of Hudson reduces same?

    We pay Mr Moore's tax at the pump, Albany sends the money to Hudson and filters that money through "development" experts who in turn use the money to promote kayak access for friends of Don Moore, who don't pay the Outboard Motor Fuel Tax.

    Forty years of paying the "Moore" tax and receiving less.

  2. Before "economic development" North dock was filled to capacity with seasonal tourists, (including fall/winter/spring) from all points of the county.

    Where is the feast we were promised?