Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Intel from Today's HDC Meeting

The board of Hudson Development Corporation met today, and, until visitors were expelled and the board went into executive session, Gossips was there.

Of the topics discussed, the one of greatest interest was the development of the Kaz site. Four proposals have been received in response to the RFP issued in October. Submitting them are a couple familiar groups: Sustainable Community Associates (SCA), which submitted a proposal the last time around, and Redburn Development, now completing the transformation of the historic industrial building adjacent to the site into The Wick Hotel. The other two are new on the Hudson scene: Kearney Realty & Development Group and Bonacio Construction, Inc. 

Kearney Realty & Development Group doesn't appear to have a website, but a little sleuthing on the internet yielded the following information. In 2014, they were awarded $3,874,987 to construct 80 units of senior housing in the Hamlet of Pawling. Last summer, they undertook a project in Peekskill called The Lofts on Diven, made up of 50 subsidized artist lofts and 25 market-rate apartments, as well as retail and community space. Earlier this year, they started a project in Poughkeepsie called Queen City Lofts, an apartment complex with 70 apartments--50 for artists and the other 20 to be rented at market rate. "Each apartment will have a 16-foot-high ceiling and a sleeping loft"--hence, presumably, the name. In 2015, Kearney also developed 74 units of work-force and supportive housing in Poughkeepsie. 

Queen City Lofts rendering|Kearney Realty & Development Group
Bonacio Construction, according to an article that appeared in the Albany Business Review in July 2016,  "has built more than 200 condos in Saratoga Springs, as well as luxury apartments, a theater, and the building that houses Northshire Bookstore."  

The quote continues: "After spending several years focusing on luxury apartment buildings and mixed use projects in Saratoga, Glens Falls and Troy, [the company] started construction of its first condo project in more than five years. . . ." In the fall of 2016, Bonacio Construction started work on a $23 million condominium complex on Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs. 

SCA submitted the same proposal they submitted in April 2016. It is not known by anyone except members of the HDC board what was proposed by the other three groups.


  1. I can see why Redburn Development has submitted an RFP. If any of those other very tall projects got built in front of the Wick, the view would be obscured. I hope the Planning Board doesn't allow anything of great height in that location.

    1. Not to worry. There are height restrictions in place for the entire city, and we don't know what these groups have proposed--except, of course, for SCA. You can't really assume that if they built a tower in Poughkeepsie or Saratoga, they're going to build one here. But if a tower is proposed, it won't be just the owners of The Wick who protest.