Thursday, November 9, 2017

Parks and Open Spaces

This past summer, the Conservation Advisory Council conducted a survey to learn what people think about the natural areas and public recreational spaces in Hudson. They published the results today, which are summarized in this word cloud.

The CAC provided this information about the methodology employed to gather input:
Many people completed [the survey] online. To reach others, we surveyed in person at the Saturday farmer’s market, Promise Neighborhood’s block party, the Black Arts and Cultural Festival, and Rock Solid Church’s children’s fair. A resident of Hudson Terrace Apartments was also hired to survey face-to-face in that neighborhood. In all 222 people responded. About one-third lived outside Hudson. While we reached people in a random way, given Hudson’s population of about 6,700, a response rate of 148 City residents has approximately a 95% statistical confidence level.
Click here to review the highlights of the survey results. This document also contains a link to a report on all the responses to the survey.

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