Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hudson and Housing

The Housing Task Force, which is running "in tandem" with the DRI process, met yesterday, and there's a report in the Register-Star about that meeting: "Task force tackles housing in Hudson." Some of the things reported seem a bit ominous. According to a study commissioned by the Columbia County Board of Supervisors, the housing stock in Hudson is in "poor to average condition." Also, according to the study, the housing stock is "very old"; 63.3 percent of it was built prior to 1939. No big surprise. It's a historic city, and its "very old" buildings are what make it appealing to those of us who live here and make it a destination for those who visit. 

The "poor to average" assessment of Hudson's housing stock makes the heart sink when one recalls that, according to local legend, humiliation over having "the worst housing stock in the State of New York" led to this half a century ago.

The article also reports that Mark Morgan-Perez, a member of the Housing Task Force, has identified 96.5 acres of vacant land in the city. Let's hope this time we can provide new housing opportunities without destroying or compromising the city's finest assets--its historic architecture and its historic character.


  1. I hope Galvans mass hording of vacant buildings was taken into account as the single most violator of “poor to average” buildings .

  2. As a member of the new Task Force, I think the big news is that the deadline for us to submit our report to the Mayor is mid-December. This is not exactly an arbitrary deadline, but one dictated by the DRI's timeline. Anyone who has opinions about how we can leverage the DRI money to contribute to housing should contact the Task Force or the mayor or me or come to the next meeting, December 9, 9ayem, at the Chamber of Commerce building at the bottom of Warren Street.