Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mark Your Calendars, Adjust Your Schedules

The Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) process moves inexorably forward. There are apparently ten steps--or at least ten that the public has a chance to observe or participate in--and three of them have already been completed: Local Planning Committee (LPC) Meeting #1 (October 19), Public Meeting #1 (October 26), and Stakeholder Interviews (October 24 to 25). What's left are four more LPC meetings and two more public meetings, and then we're done.

Mark your calendars. These are the dates going forward. Remember that the public is welcome to observe LPC meetings, but the opportunity for public comment at such meetings is limited.

  • LPC Meeting #2: Tuesday, November 14
  • Public Meeting #2: Thursday, December 7
  • LPC Meeting #3: Tuesday, December 19 (at the same time as the last Common Council meeting of the year)
  • LPC Meeting #4: Tuesday, January 23 
  • Public Meeting #3: Thursday, February 8
  • LPC Meeting #5: Tuesday, February 20 (this final meeting of the LPC again conflicts with a Common Council meeting)

The location of the meetings has not yet been announced, but it's probably reasonable to assume they will be held in the cafeteria at John L. Edwards Primary School. So people can follow news of the DRI, a Facebook page has been created: Hudson Bridge District. Trust that Gossips will also be publishing notice of meetings as they approach.

To be reminded of what happened almost a half century ago when a huge infusion of money transformed Hudson, go to the library tonight at 6 p.m. to hear Peter Cipkowski's talk, "A Brief History of Hudson's Experience with Urban Renewal." 

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