Sunday, November 19, 2017

Preserving Hudson's Architectural Heritage

The Robert Taylor house, one of the oldest surviving houses in Hudson and a locally designated landmark, has been owned by Galvan Initiatives Foundation since August 2011.  

In April 2012, Galvan proposed moving the house to Union Street. The justification for moving the house, which was built by the tanner for whom Tanner's Lane was named, was its location. The following is quoted from the press release announcing the intended move: "On its current site the house is somewhat lost, and looks out over warehouses, when originally it looked out over the South Bay towards Mt. Merino, the river and the Catskills beyond." 

The Historic Preservation Commission denied a certificate of appropriateness for the move. During the discussion of the proposal, HPC member Rick Rector offered the opinion that "restoring the house in its present location could be a catalyst for [neighborhood] improvement."

Five years later, it's The Wick Hotel that is transforming the neighborhood, and the poor Robert Taylor House continues to decay. This picture of the north wall of the house was taken earlier today.

Two years ago, a hole was discovered in the wall beside this window. It was alleged at the time that it had been created in an attempt to break into the house. That's when a fence was installed around the house.

Now the brick around the window frame is deteriorated, and the boarded-up window is falling out.


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