Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hudson Dogs to Have Their Day

The dogs of Hudson may soon have two things they've been wanting for a long time: a dog park and the right to walk legally on leashes with their humans in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park.

The late William with Turner, a pup of our extended family, in the park illegally back in 2012 
As Gossips has already reported, the dreams of a dog park are soon to become a reality. On Monday, at the informal meeting of the Common Council, a resolution was introduced that would amend Section 70-4 of the city code to delete item A (11), which makes it unlawful for dogs "to be present at any time at Riverfront Park."

A resolution to repeal the ban on dogs in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, which was put in place in 2002, was initiated by former Third Ward alderman John Friedman in March 2015. Despite a petition signed by about 200 people in support of allowing dogs in the park, the Common Council voted it down--a move that disappointed many dog owners and infuriated Dan and Mary Udell so much that they ceased videotaping Hudson Common Council meetings for more than a year. 

This time we may hope for a better outcome. The resolution now before the council is the initiative of Alderman Tiffany Garriga (Second Ward), who in 2015 was one of the aldermen opposed to lifting the ban on dogs in the park.

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