Thursday, November 29, 2018

Anchor Away

In September, when Gossips reported that 746 and 748 Warren Street had a new owner (748 Warren is now back on the market), we wondered what the future held for 750-752 Warren Street, the building originally constructed, a hundred or so years ago, as the Crescent Garage, where Packards and other luxury cars where sold and serviced.

Photo: Evelyn and Robert Monthie Slide Collecton, CCHS
This was to be Hudson's answer to the Chelsea Market. The project, to be called Hudson Anchor Market, got site plan approval from the Planning Board in 2014, and alterations proposed for the building's exterior were granted a certificate of appropriateness by the Historic Preservation Commission in that year as well. At the time, an opening in the fall of 2015 was anticipated.

Instead of becoming a food emporium, the building was offered for lease in the fall of 2017, with, if memory serves, a monthly rent payment of $15,000.

When the "For Lease" signage disappeared earlier this year, Gossips learned that the owners had decided to make additional repairs to the building. Now the building is being offered for sale by its owners, with an asking price of $2.25 million. The estimated monthly mortgage payment (owner financing is available) is $9,220.

Photo: Zillow
The building is now being marketed as a two bedroom, two bathroom "loft on Warren Street's East End."

Thanks to Cynthia Lambert for bringing this to our attention

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  1. I wonder why our house is showing up as the Street View on the ad? Of course, if anyone wants to pay us $2.25 million, we'd be happy to sell!