Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wondering About Unintended Consequences

HudsonValley360 reports this morning that Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood intends to establish a new health center at 802 Columbia Street: "Hudson Planned Parenthood seeks support for new center." According to the article, the new health center will include a reception and waiting area, four patient rooms, an abortion recovery room, care coordination and counseling offices, and a shared teen space and community room. When the new center opens, the one on Fairview Avenue in Greenport will close. 

All around, this seems like a good thing, but a question arises. Will the ragtag army of pro-lifers who have established themselves across the street from the clinic on Fairview Avenue now be seeking an outpost in Hudson?



  1. Maybe it can qualify to be an historic al shack...certinaly in the same league as Fugary , in more ways than one

  2. at Hudson rental prices? I think not.

  3. "Ragtag army of pro-lifers"? That's what the British thought of Washington's little contingent. I'm sorry, but for those of us who oppose abortion as the taking of a life, we might have to establish our new headquarters in Melino's Sports Bar --- a good redoubt for a ragtag army of pro-lifers.

  4. They created a real eyesore there. Not to mention the foolishness they propound with regard to choice. It's their choice, not women's choice. Backward, narrow and unnecessary. I hope they go away for good.

  5. If you don't agree with them or not they are coming, the offices and clinic are soon to be fitted out.

  6. Well said, Mr. Meyer.

    According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the origin of the word, "ragtag" : "Tag and rag was a relatively common expression in the 16th and 17th centuries, and it was often used pejoratively to refer to members of the lower classes of society."

    An interesting choice of adjectives, at this point in time, when everyone is screaming about "others" choosing to be divisive.

    Oh, and then there's the whole idea of respecting others' philosophical and/or religious views.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  7. I have often wanted to stop and ask the Pro lifers ( I would consider myself a pro lifer ) are you aganst all war ? Are you against the death penalty ? Yes I am against these . But as we all know these are legal activites .Abortion is indeed not illegal . I am against all three of these . But there are no laws against any of these ( some states have done away with the death penality ) If the day comes where all wars are illegal and the death penalty is universally illegal . Well then it may be a consideration that abortion might be made illegal . But at this point when someone says they are Pro Life then I have to assume they mean all Life . If not they are hypocrites . Just saying .

  8. But my dear Progressive friend, all things are not equal, "ceteris paribus," which is the necessary ground and absolute condition required to level a charge of hypocrisy in these matters.

    It's both a blessing and a curse that life is far more complicated than that!

  9. It's so distressing to see the subject of the new Planned Parenthood clinic degenerate into an argument over abortion; first because abortions are but a small percentage of the services provided; and second because accessible and affordable sex education, counseling and contraception are far more effective in preventing abortion than all the picketing and proselytizing in the world.

    I would also add that if access to legal abortion is restricted it won't stop abortions, it will simply send them back to the underground, where the well-to-do can pay for an expensive, private "correction to menstrual irregularity", and the poor can visit a back street amateur surgeon, or self-induce with coat hanger, crochet hook or toxic substance; typically with tragic result.

    1. I would certainly agree that Planned Parenthood has done wonderful things for women's health, including even saving lives of those who might otherwise seek out dangerous alternatives to safe abortions offered by PP. By the same token, most pro-lifers, I would guess, don't advocate alley surgeons. I think I saw a report lately that said abortions are down. Mostly likely both sides can take some credit for that good news.

  10. I agree with White Whale Limited. In fact, I'll wager that Planned Parenthood, by virtue of its health services and sex education actually prevents more abortions than performs them. Whether or not you believe a woman should have agency over her own body when a pregnancy is involved, I think everyone can agree that health services and education for all are good for everyone and our society as a whole.