Friday, November 9, 2018

Prescience Plus

On Wednesday, Gossips quoted Malcolm Nance's recollection of John Faso's prediction about his re-election: "The Democrat can take Rhinebeck, Woodstock, and Hudson. I'll take the rest." Earlier today, Gianni Ortiz shared this map on Facebook.

It looks like the Democrat, Antonio Delgado, did take Rhinebeck, Woodstock, and Hudson, as well as the entire county in which each is located, and Faso took the rest.


  1. Antonio Delgado always made sure to pledge his commitment to the environment as his predecessor, Maurice Hinchey. He did not shirk from it as is commonplace among those running for office. I, for one, look forward to seeing the environment treated as seriously as it should. I hope Antonio gets a chance while in office. It's no wonder he carried Ulster in a big way. And, thank you Columbia for noticing it as well!

  2. Especially gratifying to note that while Faso lost by a 3 point spread district- wide, in his home county, where we have known him longest and best, he was defeated by a greater than 10 point margin.