Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Morning After: Races of Interest

The following information comes from the New York State Board of Elections.
  • Antonio Delgado bested John Faso with 49.26 percent of the vote to Faso's 46.42 percent. The margins were greater in Columbia County, Faso's home county, where Degado got 53.10 percent of the votes over Faso's 43.05 percent.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand won over her Republican opponent Chele Farley 64.40 percent to 33.57 percent.
  • Andrew Cuomo won re-election with 57.79 percent of the votes over Marc Molinaro's 36.16 percent. In Columbia County, the results were a little different: Cuomo took 42.44 percent of the votes; Molarino took 50.96 percent.
  • Aaron Gladd lost his race for State Senate to Republican Daphne Jordan with 44.23 percent of the votes to Jordan's 52.14 percent. In Columbia Columbia, Gladd narrowly bested Jordan, with 48.09 percent of the vote to her 47.07 percent. 
  • Didi Barrett won re-election to the State Assembly with 52.01 percent of the vote over Republican challenger William Truitt with 44.25 percent of the vote. In Columbia County, Barrett took 54 percent of the votes to Truitt's 42.74 percent.

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