Saturday, November 10, 2018

Everyone Says I Love You

On Wednesday, I was heading for the Board of Elections to help prepare for the hand count of ballots from Tuesday's election, so when I received Mayor Rick Rector's statement about Nick Zachos being reinstated as Youth Director, I didn't realize that following his statement, which I published immediately, there were statements from Youth Commissioner Mark Bryant and reinstated Youth Director Nick Zachos. I discovered them today and publish them now. A close reading of these statements may provide some insight into the reasons for the recent dust-up over the Youth Department.

Here's the statement from Bryant:
Today I have advised the Mayor that after careful deliberation, conversations and discussions regarding the direction and management of the Youth Department, Nick Zachos and I have come to an agreed understanding of improvements needed for the Department and he will remain in his position as the Director of the Youth Department.
This has been a difficult period for the department, however, it is my belief and intent that Nick and I will be able to closely work together, in improving all efforts towards making the department the best possible facility for the youth of our community.
This is the statement from Zachos:
I am writing to express my willingness and enthusiasm to remain in my position as Director of the Hudson Department of Youth.
The Department will be developing and implementing new practices and policies to improve efficiency and accountability moving forward which will provide improved and increased services for our community's youth.
I look forward to working closely with the Commissioner and Mayor Rick Rector to continue to grow and build upon the success we have seen in recent years.

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  1. Reading through the love, this sounds like an intra-office kerfuffle for which the Mayor ended up taking the (s)hit.