Friday, November 30, 2018

Wine, Beer, and Intrigue

Four years ago, Gossips reported on the abrupt closing of Fine Wines & Spirits at 40 Green Street. The business closed because the New York State Liquor Authority had revoked its liquor license.

Not long after Fine Wines & Spirits closed, a new wine store, called M & M Wine & Spirits, opened at 720 Columbia Street.

In recent weeks, the wine store at 720 Columbia Street moved to the space at 40 Green Street previously occupied by Fine Wines & Spirits. Not long after that, the Beer Store, which had opened in the same building--the former Schroeder Chevrolet dealership--around the same time as Fine Wines & Spirits and continued doing business after the departure of Fine Wines & Spirits, closed without warning. Richard Moody has the story in HudsonValley360: "Mystery surrounds Beer Store closure." 


  1. good, now will someone please remove that heinous sign of theirs at the entrance that is barely legible?

  2. Kinda sad -- lots of local can pickers without wheels rely on that place for their nickels. And now Shop Rite is most definitely out of range for them, too.