Friday, November 9, 2018

Please, Don't Feed the Foxes

There are active efforts to trap the mangy foxes in the cemetery so they can be taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center for treatment. This is critical now that the weather is getting colder. Mange destroys a fox's coat and its ability to stay warm, so without treatment a fox with sarcoptic mange will die from exposure. 

One of the cemetery fox watchers received this message yesterday from the wildlife rehabilitator: "Multiple people have been leaving food, making capture, even mapping or timing almost impossible." If you are one of those people leaving food, or know someone who is, please let it be known that it is not helping the foxes. It is harming them by preventing them from getting the treatment they need.


  1. I saw a nice healthy fox down around the train track this morning. It appeared that it was well used to human observation , it just went on about its business..

  2. And I was within 20 feet of a healthy-looking red fox a few days ago in the back of the cemetery at twilight. It saw me but did not seem to mind my presence much, casually trotting away to my side. Closest I've ever been to one. Cute fella.