Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Of Interest

HudsonValley360 reported last night that Cosmic Cinemas, located in the former Fairview Cinema 3 in Greenport, opened yesterday, apparently without much fanfare: "Action: Cosmic Cinema has first showing."

What's currently playing--and the information that all tickets are just $5 on Tuesdays--is available here.  


  1. I'm happy to see they are keeping the Tuesday all seats $5.00
    Being associated with the Fairview Cinema 3 for 44 years, the last 18 years as the owner, I have watched the transformation through the Facebook page and by actual visits to the theatre. They have done an amazing job. It's beautiful!
    The movie industry is constantly changing. Since I closed, the price of digital projectors have decreased, the film distributors have discontinued the allocation process that prevented two theatres located close to each other to play the same movie.
    While Cosmic Cinemas is a fairly new concept as a restaurant/bar/movie theatre,it will never have the memories and history of the Fairview Cinema 3 that I tried desperately to preserve with the help of my patrons and the "Friends of the Fairview Cinema 3" whom I shall be forever grateful.
    As for now, I wish Cosmic Cinemas much success. The show WILL go on!

  2. I was given a tour of the theater this week and it's beautiful. I'm also glad (and amazed!) at the planned continuation of $5 Tuesdays which I always loved (thank you Bruce!).

    I'm also glad to know that the old projectors have stayed in the area, and gone to a group in Kinderhook.