Thursday, November 29, 2018

More About Trash

HudsonValley360 reported yesterday that a ban on single-use plastic bags is being considered by Board of Supervisors County Government Committee: "Columbia County Supervisors discuss possible plastic bag ban." The discussion was initiated by Fourth Ward supervisor Linda Mussmann.

In October, Ulster County adopted a law prohibiting retail establishments from providing single-use plastic bags to their customers. The law, which goes into effect at the beginning of 2019, was opposed by the New York Association of Convenience Stores. James Calvin, president of the association and a member of the CEDC (Columbia Economic Development Corporation) board, is quoted in the article as arguing that "convenience stores face a unique challenge from plastic bag bans because customers generally don't plan to go to convenience stores like they do for grocery stores."


  1. Oh joy, Ms. Mussmann has discovered nature.

  2. how is that smarmy comment helpful or even relevant?

  3. I'm told that yesterday Sam Pratt posted a comment to someone's mention of TSL on social media. It was repeated to me because it was so funny - something pithy about Ms. Mussmann "selling out the waterfront."

    If my own comment lacks humor, then the same public figure who's the object of both quips is richly deserving of criticism for hypocrisy and self-serving.

    Since 2006 Ms. Mussmann has continued to sell out the waterfront for her own interests (e.g., relentlessly repeating the Colarusso company narrative that city streets are required for truck transport when it's more accurate to say that the company is practicing a form of extortion, abusing our streets to leverage city permission for its expansion plans. Even now the mayor is foolishly weighing compromise ideas when the city is in a position of strength. Incredible, right? By what does Ms. Mussmann care as long as the trucks are no longer driving in front of TSL?)

    And therein lies the relevance of the public's well-founded suspicions, and perhaps the odd smarmy joke.

  4. It's a perfect comment,again we have Mussmann with the notion that we should adopt her view and outlook.

  5. The comment is certainly valid; Mussman is nothing if not cynical and self-serving. Still, in this instance, at least she managed to parrot a thoughtful idea.

  6. Mr. Kane, I agree that the seeming randomness of the proverbial stopped clock is no reason not to celebrate the hour. Cheers, TO'C