Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ear to the Ground

Gossips has received word that Eric Galloway (or the Galvan Foundation or one of Galloway's several LLCs) is buying another of the great houses of Hudson: the brick Gothic Revival house at 59 Allen Street.

The house, which is now painted yellow, was probably built in the 184os. In 1867, it was described in the Evening Register as "a correct specimen of gothic architecture." When the engraving shown above was done, the house belonged to Charles Alger, one of the trustees of the Hudson Iron Works, which would have been in the house's viewshed. Alger, who purchased the house in 1858, called it "The Hermitage." In 1867, it has the home of Jacob W. Hoysradt, then the mayor of Hudson.

A photograph of the house, probably taken in the 1940s, appears in Byrne Fone's book Historic Hudson: An Architectural History.

In more recent years, the house was featured in this painting by Edward Avedisian.



  1. I would hope this bodes well for this property. It is a shame to see it in such poor condition.

  2. If it gets warehoused, like so many others ...