Tuesday, January 1, 2019

1918 in Hudson

In its first issue for 1919, the Columbia Republican devoted nearly an entire page to recapping the events of 1918 in Hudson. Today, for its first post of 2019, Gossips shares some highlights from that review.
1--New Year's Day brings no relief from extreme cold. 8 below zero.
2--Ice harvest plentiful. Ice 12 to 13 inches thick.
3--At Board of Health meeting, Health Officer George E. Swift protests against use of river water during shortage.
4--Great scarcity of coal in city. Citizens who are supplied are asked to loan coal to the needy.
5-6--Big convoy of army trucks in Hudson. 46 autos and 101 men. --Rise in temperature great relief to water and coal shortage.
7--Many people in residences at 241 and 243 State street had narrow escapes from asphyxiation when gas pipe broke.
10--Letter received by Malcolm Gifford, Sr., from chaplain of Canadian Regt. telling of Malcolm Jr's., heroic death.
12--Chief Cruise receives word that police must register all German aliens.
18--Hudson observes first of its fuelless days.
26--Mysterious gun found on New York Central track, puzzles local police.
28--Second fuelless Monday observed--John D. Frick, of Hudson, contractor, brought to this city, charged with forgery.
29--John Kassay, of Hudson, arrested in Poughkeepsie, on a charge of carrying concealed weapons.
1--Ground hog day.--54 men found physically fit for military service.
4--Third fuelless Monday.--Registration of German aliens begins.--Hudson face to face with water famine.  
11--Water shortage again menaces city.
12--Thieves enter two Hudson business places: the billiard parlor of Leonard Cordato and the dry goods store of M. G. Kosoff.
17--Service flag dedicated at Christ church with 29 stars.
24--S. B. Coffin, county fuel administrator, delivers address on fuel conservation at Baptist church.
26--Sixty army trucks reached here.--Miss Dorothy Treat Arnold tells of war zone in France, at a meeting of the D.A.R.
27--Claverack bridge abutment sinks. Hester auto party has narrow escape.
28--Dollar Day in Hudson.
2--Terrific wind storm visits city.
7--Third motor train passes thru city.
10--30 army motor trucks pass thru city. --Blizzard like storm here. --35th anniversary of the blizzard of '88.
11--Spring street home robbed by burglars.
12--Columbia street home entered by burglars.
19--Ice breaking up in the river.--Beginning of drive for sale of War Savings Stamps.
20--General knowledge examination held in public schools.--Trouble with gas main hinders work in many business places of the city.
21--Ferryboat makes first trip.
22--Kennedy cold storage building destroyed by fire.
31--Easter Sunday warm and very pleasant. --Daylight saving plan begins without mishap.
1--Easter Monday Ball of C.W.B.L. for K[nights] of C[olumbus] War Fund a great success.
2--Chatham Grain Co. violated food rule compelled to give $1500 to the County Red Cross chapter.
5--Supposed mad dog killed and head sent to Cornell laboratory.--Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Petry celebrate silver wedding.
14--Rousing Liberty Loan meeting at The Playhouse.

17--Lieut. Louis A. Stehling gives excellent address at The Playhouse. He is an aviator known as an "ace."
21--Body of Sylvester Schultz, boat captain, found in river.
23--Horton Blunt, 13 years old, of Greenport, accidentally shot by little girl playmate.
26--Liberty parade greatest ever seen in Hudson.--Fire in Fulton street houses.--Arbor Day observed in schools.

4--Million dollar mark reached in Liberty Loan.
8--Police kill five supposed mad dogs.
14--John D. Frick acquitted of forgery charge.--Allen C. Sheldon, farm hand, killed while operating tractor.
16--Recorder Moy gives instructive talk to women voters.
25--104 county boys leave for Camp Wadsworth--428 women enrolled with various political parties.
30--Memorial Day. Services in City Hall after parade.--St. Mary's service flag unfurled.--Union service of 8 churches at Baptist church.
1--Very hot. 100 degrees in sun, 94 degrees in shade.
2--Still very warm.--Man drowns in Claverack creek.
11--Genevieve Sheffer died from injuries in motor car accident.
13--Harry C. Holck, of Arlington, N.J., killed when his car turned over at corner of Worth avenue and Warren street. Wife and children injured.
15--Dr. and Mrs. John C. Smock give their beautiful home to the Hudson City Hospital to be used as a convalescent hospital for wounded soldiers and sailors.
18--Convention of Hudson Valley Firemen's Association here.
24--Class Day exercises by class of 1918 held at the High School.
25--Twenty-nine graduate from the High School.
26--John Philip Sousa's band at the Playhouse.
28--Patriotic tableaux and dance at City Hall for C.W.B.L. ambulance fund.
4--Big day in Hudson and county. Firemen's carnival, parade and fireworks.
8--Chief of Police John Cruise celebrates 29th year on force.
9--Two prisoners made escape from county jail here. One caught shortly after.
14--Bastille Day observed in Hudson churches.
15--Morton T. Powell, 10 years old, drowns in Stottville creek.
17--Charles G. Walters and son, William G., drowned in pond at Philmont.
20--Woman's motor convoy in Hudson.
29--Frank L. Lent, city editor of the Republican, enlists in service. Ralph F. Bame succeeds him at city desk.
30--Tuberculosis clinic held at City Hall.
3--Amos Priest taken with paralytic stroke while trimming tree.
5--News received of death of third Columbia county boy. Sergt. Guy Minkler, of Philmont, killed in action.
10--Lighthousekeeper Frank Best killed by fall from steel tower.
14--Abram Weintraub drowned in Kinderhook creek.
26--Balos' shoe shine parlor burglarized; exciting chase after burglar--who escaped--by police.
31--Mrs. C. W. Bostwick in serious motor accident.
1--First motorless Sunday.
6--Jewish New Year's Day begins.--Word received that Lewis Stemple was killed in action on July 18th.
8--Second motorless Sunday well observed.
12--Registration day for draft men between 18 and 45 goes off quietly.
15--Beginning of Jewish Yon [sic] Kippur or Day of Atonement.
19--Fund for Hudson's Honor Roll started.
21--Fake sailor collects money and skips town.
23--Frank Innerhofter arrested here, wanted by three governments.
24--Ghent goes dry.--Helen Race drowned in North Bay while at play.
25--Word received of death in camp from influenza of Lee F. Raught of Glenco Mills.
26--Clarence Worth dies suddenly at Syracuse Recruit camp.
30--French band plays here at armory.
5--Influenza epidemic assumes alarming proportions.
8--Special board of health meeting decides to stop public activities during influenza epidemic. Schools, public meetings of any kind and churches ordered closed. Epidemic does not abate.
11--Word received of death in action in France of Lieut. John W. McConnell, of Valatie, on Aug 23.
17--Proclamation issued for noon prayer.
18--Epidemic still raging. No relief in sight.
19--First day of noon prayer observed.
21--Liberty Loan goes "over the top."
24--Word received here of death of Corp. Ralph Steitz at Camp Hancock, Ga.
26--Fifty cases of influenza reported at hospital. News received of the death in France of Theodore Bullinger of Harlemville.
27--Dr. Collins, Health Officer, reports influenza epidemic decreasing.
31--Supervisors award contract for tuberculosis hospital.--Hallowe'en noisy but uneventful.--Quarantine on school, churches and public meetings lifted. Epidemic practically at an end.

1--News received in this city of the death of Private William R. Gohl, of pneumonia in France.
5--Election day. Republican victory in county. Democratic in city.
7--Edward S. Miller, of this city, 3rd Hudson boy to die in France.
11--Armistice signed. Holiday declared thruout country. Big demonstration held here.
13--Patriotic mass meeting at the Playhouse. 
14--News of the death in France of Dennis J. Eliff.
20--News received of death of William P. Crouse of this city. He was killed in action in France on Oct. 16.
25--News received here of the death in France of Howard W. Van Loan, a former Hudsonian.--Word received that Ralph Moore, of Ghent, had died in France of wounds received in action.
27--Word received of the death in action in France of Daniel M. Hack, of this city.
28--Thanksgiving Day. Union service of Protestant churches at Baptist church.
2--Airplane goes aground near Athens. Aviators spend night in city.
4--Mrs. Mary Potts dies in hospital here from burns received while at work over the stove.
6--Helen Sagendorph, 5 years old, of Ghent, died of burns received when lamp set fire to her clothing.
11--Word received here of the death in France of Private William Graf from pneumonia.
12--Edwin E. Ensign burned to death in his cottage at Lake Charlotte. Mystery surrounds matter.
18--Miss Laura H. Coutu, of Cohoes, appointed new tuberculosis nurse to take the place of Miss Cornell.
19--Word received of the death in France of Theodore H. Brabender.
20--Schools close for the Christmas recess.
22--John Sarinyock, Polish, killed by 25 foot fall from window.
23--Mrs. James Gaffney and son, Thomas, aged two, have narrow escape when automobile runs upon sidewalk.
24--Community Christmas tree celebrates fourth year with great success.
25--Merry Christmas.--Christmas of 1918 one of the happiest in years.--Victory ball at armory a great success.
27--News received of death of Wells O. Bingham in France.
29--Two girls escape from State Training School but are brought back.
31--New Year welcomed in by Masons, Elks and many societies. Co. F dance at armory.
And so 1919 began.