Sunday, January 13, 2019

Escaping the Inventory

In 2013, the Galvan Foundation acquired the Allen Street School, but a few months later, the building made it out of the Galvan inventory. It was sold to its current owners and, in the ensuing years, underwent a textbook restoration. Today, the building, which looked abandoned, bleak, and sad in 2013, looks pretty much as it did in a historic photograph in the collection of Historic Hudson. All that's missing is the ballustrade on the portico.

Allen Street School in 2013

Allen Street School in 1919

Allen Street School, now known as River House, today

Recently, another building made it out of the Galvan inventory. Last year, Gossips reported in February that Galvan had acquired the house at 6 West Court Street and in March that all the foliage around the house had been cut down.

On Friday, the plans for the house's restoration were presented to the Historic Preservation Commission. They were almost textbook except for the intention to replicate the window sash to accommodate insulated glass rather preserving and restoring the original wood sash. The new owner of the house--not the Galvan Foundation--was present at the meeting.


  1. Nice ... what goes on at ... RIVER HOUSE

  2. just a note on old windows -- they may not double paned, but they will last forever, he wood is usually old growth. the old windows are part of the charm.