Monday, January 7, 2019

All About "Food-on-the-Go"

In April, Gossips reported about the plan of Stewart's Shops in Voorheesville to demolish an iconic tavern building to construct a new convenience store and gas station. Stewart's already had a store in Voorheesville, but it was considered to be too small to enable adequate exploitation of the "food-on-the go" market. 

The Times Union reported today that, because Stewart's could not get the approvals needed for the proposed new facility, Stewart's is closing the existing store and leaving the community: "Stewart's exiting Voorheesville after plan for new store fails."

We in Hudson won't have to worry about losing Stewart's and all that anticipated new "food-on-the-go." The Common Council changed the city's zoning to accommodate Stewart's desire to expand its presence in that market.

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  1. As usual, Hudson caved in for no good reason. I'm so disgusted with that whole scenario. Tearing down housing to enlarge existing retail is not the way to go at all. We're going to turn into the awful urban sprawl that is Greenport. Why on earth did we agree to that plan?