Thursday, January 31, 2019

Creating the Budget

The recent post about the number of high school dropouts in Hudson ("Not There Yet") inspired quite a few comments about the Hudson City School District budget, roughly 50 percent of which is derived from property taxes. Apropos the annual HCSD budget, the 2019-2020 Budget Development Timeline, which lists the meetings and workshops leading up to the vote on the school budget on May 21, is now available on the HCSD website. To access the timeline, click here.  

Of related interest, there are three open seats on HCSD Board of Education to be filled this year. All are for three-year terms. Nominating petitions must be submitted by May 1. For more information about the school board and becoming a member, click here

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  1. Carole, though I believe the revenue sources are still (roughly) 65% State, 12% Federal, and 23% local property tax, the local board of ed still retains a great deal of authority over expenditures and thus board members are very important to the direction of the district. If anyone would like some general guidance about school board membership, don't hesitate to contact me: It's important.