Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Of Interest

Photo: Albany Business Review
The Albany Business Review reports this morning about Airbnb: "Where Airbnb has the greatest presence in the Capital Region." According to this report, the Airbnb presence is greatest across the river in Greene County, with 510 hosts, 48,100 guest arrivals, and $7.2 million in revenue in 2018. Columbia County is second, with 390 hosts, 33,200 guest arrivals, and $5.7 million in revenue. 


  1. I assume these figures are for the above board
    Air B & B. The greater Hudson area has a lot of underground abodes

  2. well it is good for columbia and greene county -- and for all associated businesses supplying food, etc. we need the sales tax revenue and it is clear that we got it. the state figures show it.

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  4. I could not access the article, but you can easily get the number of "beds" from our Treasurer's office and back out the Wick, St. Charles, and the registered B&Bs and Guest Houses. There are hundreds of rooms that are filing and following the law. If there are others and they are discovered, the city will fine them severely for avoiding their civic duty of paying taxes. It's a process and our economy evolves but between the heavily tax abated Wick and the Air BnBs, the success of bed and breakfasts is questionable. All people who put their own money into their properties and live in the community and are involved in the business and charitable communities. We need a conversation on this topic to understand all the issues and +/-. I prefer upside for all as opposed to a zero sum game.

  5. How about the absent Airbnb proprietors? Hard to live next to this situation when the buildings are joined and old.