Monday, January 14, 2019

HDC Seeks New Board Members

After the crisis last May that led to the resignation of four board members as well as its counsel, the departure in early August of executive director Sheena Salvino, and the resignation, effective at the end December, of board president John Gilstrap, one may well wonder what's happening with HDC (Hudson Development Corporation). The answer is it's looking to rebuild the board. The following announcement was released on Saturday:
The Hudson Development Corporation has begun the process of seeking applicants for board membership. Board Secretary Christine Jones is chairing the nominating committee. Serving on the committee with Christine are Nick Haddad, Gregg Carey, and Carolyn Lawrence. The culmination of their work will be reported to the HDC Board at the group's annual meeting on March 26 of this year.
There will be three board vacancies to be filled as well as a slate of officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) for the coming year.
Board members serve a three-year term with a two-term limit and must be a resident or have business interest in the city of Hudson.
Interested parties wanting to be considered for board membership will find an application HERE. The completed application along with a letter of interest should be sent to the nominating committee at  
Information about the HDC may be found at

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