Friday, January 18, 2019

Even More HHA

Dan Udell's video of the public comment, before and after the HHA Board of Commissioners went into executive session, is now available on YouTube. Click here to watch.


  1. Having served for a brief period on the board of the Hudson Housing Authority, I have been following its stab at development with interest.

    While I think there are some merits to the plan as originally presented (not as currently conceived), I am troubled by the fact, when such a different plan is foisted on the city, that two real estate agents sit on the board, one of them as its chair. Until and unless there has been a long and thoughtful conversation within the entire community about the wisdom of this or any other plan that would have such an impact on the city, I think the Planning Board and the Common Council should immediately slam on the brakes.

    And if real estate agents are to be a part of any such proposal, they should commit, in writing, that they will not be involved professionally in the future in any manner for any party with any developments that occurred while they sat on the HHA board.

    Charlie Suisman

  2. Couldn't agree more with Mr. Suisman's comment.