Friday, January 18, 2019

Fences Begone!

Gossips just received the following press release.

Amtrak and State Agencies Withdraw 
Hudson River Fencing Proposal
Amtrak announced on Friday that the company and New York State agencies have jointly agreed that Amtrak will withdraw its current fencing application before New York State.
The plan was to erect fences blocking unofficial crossings to the Hudson River and locked gates blocking a shoreline access road widely used by anglers, hunters and other river stewards. The proposed project has been a point of contention in affected Hudson River communities in Columbia and Dutchess counties since it was announced in March 2018, sparking widely signed petitions, meetings, a forum, an Earth Day rally, comments, letters and speeches from state and local politicians urging Amtrak to consider the impact the plan would have on river access.
A public informational meeting had initially been scheduled for January 29 in Germantown for Amtrak and state Department of Transportation officials to present details and reasoning for the project. . . . 
Amtrak's full statement, titled "Amtrak Withdrawing Current Hudson Line Fencing Project Application to New York State Department of State," reads:
"After hosting collaborative meetings over the past few months, Amtrak, the New York State Department of Transportation, and the New York State Department of State, have jointly agreed to Amtrak withdrawing its application on the current Hudson Line Fencing Project proposal so it can be revised in conjunction with a five-year corridor plan to improve safety along the Empire Service Hudson Line. Additionally, Amtrak will continue to work with the affected communities, Town Officials and State agencies on formulating the revised plan. Public informational meetings will also be held prior to the submission of a new application to the Department of State.
"At Amtrak, the safe operation of service for our Customers, Employees, and the Public is top priority, and we will continue to work towards providing the safest, reliable, and most efficient passenger rail service along the Hudson Line and throughout the entire Amtrak system."

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  1. Temporary reprieve. I'm certain they will try again. Just like Stewarts. These powers don't give up till they get their way.