Sunday, January 20, 2019

Celebrate Nine Years of Gossips!

At 10:06 a.m., on Wednesday, January 20, 2010, The Gossips of Rivertown published its very first post, which combined news of city government, the Hudson Development Corporation, and historic preservation. Since then, there have been 8,222 posts--this one being the 8,223rd.

In the past nine years, Gossips has become a recognized source of information that the Hudson community relies on. As evidence, last week, at the Hudson Housing Authority meeting, when a resident complained that notice of the meeting had not been given in a timely fashion, mention of the meeting on Gossips was offered as evidence to counter the complaint--no matter that complainant disparagingly referred to Gossips as the "gossip column," and someone else noted that it wasn't the city's "official newspaper."

Many people have shared with me their perception that Gossips is a labor love, and indeed it is, but I've always believed you should be able to support yourself doing something you love. So, today, as I do every year on Gossips' anniversary, I offer my deep and sincere gratitude to the Gossips supporters and advertisers whose financial contributions help pay the bills and make Gossips a joyful endeavor, and I invite everyone to join the celebration of nine years of sharing news, history, and gossip about the events, machinations, troubles, and triumphs right here in our little river city by becoming a supporter of The Gossips of Rivertown.

For those who read Gossips on a computer, the process is easy. Just click on the "Donate" button at the top of the right column. For those who read Gossips on their phones, I'm hoping that if you touch the word DONATE right here, it will bring you to Gossips PayPal page, but it may not. 

Your support--in any amount--will be gratefully acknowledged and will ensure the continuation of Gossips into its tenth year. 


  1. Gossips would have to be invented if it did not already exist!

  2. Carole, your dogged reporting has been much appreciated all these years. Congratulations, I admire your energy, insight and ability to record. Thank you.