Friday, June 9, 2017

Hudson and Self-image

Back in 1973, Hudson adopted a code regarding signage that was, and still is, very specific about how signs, particularly along Warren Street, can be illuminated. Neon signs are verboten, along with various other kinds of brightly lit, garish signage.

Pottersville|Screen capture from It's a Wonderful Life
At the time the code was adopted, it had only been a little more than twenty years since Hudson had been raided by state troopers, ordered by Governor Thomas Dewey to shut down Hudson's brothels and put an end to illegal gambling. The city, desperately trying to lure shoppers back to Warren Street, was trying to polish its image. 

The stringent restrictions on illuminated signage continue today, but then there's this . . . 

Photo courtesy Peter Jung
glowing bright--all night, every night--in front of the marble facade of the elegant 1907 former bank building that is City Hall.


  1. Looks like a vending machine that dispenses cute fuzzy toys at the county fair.

  2. Having it faux painted to blend in with the building is such a joke.

  3. Why doesn’t the City move the vending machine to the City Court /Police Station? There are many benefits; better parking, the area is well lit, police are present at all hours, and the vending machine is still in walking distance.

    1. actually why doesn't City Hall move/build to a single story structure with room to hold CC mtgs.
      Did anyone ever climb the stairs at the present City Hall?
      What will happen to John L. Edwards building after the move?