Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Not Hudson but a Hudson Mailing Address

Most Hudson residents, although they have chosen to live in a compact, walkable urban setting, value the preserved open spaces and working farms that surround the city. Even given its proximity to New York City and Albany, Columbia County has so far been spared, in large part, the kind of urban sprawl that destroys rural character and creates what James Howard Kunstler called "the geography of nowhere." 

Recently, however, a new development has been proposed for the Town of Claverack, near the intersection of routes 9H and 66, in an area that has the 12534 zip code, that seems to be the complete antithesis of all that is valued about this place where we live.

Information about the proposed development was first made public two weeks ago, in a post on imby by Gretchen Stearns: "Amedore Homes Proposal near 66 and 9H: A Mixed Bag."  Stearns describes the project in this way:
So far, the plan is for senior housing in one complex with both market value and government subsidized units. Another complex would have market value apartment units with some recreational amenities, while across 9H there would be a large commercial area for big box stores, warehouses, office space and whatever other commercial endeavors could be induced to locate there. 
Elsewhere, the proposed development has been described as "an $80 million, 700-unit apartment complex and big box commercial development that will be just south of 66." Amedore Homes has previously built developments in Albany, Saratoga, and Schenectady counties. 

Amedore development in Voorheesville
The current zoning code in the Town of Claverack does not permit such a development, but it seems the Town Board is contemplating amending the zoning to allow the project to go forward. A Facebook group has been formed to share information this proposal.


  1. This kind of development project should come as no surprise given the enormous housing price pressure in Hudson and our little berg's growing popularity. Does the County have a land use and development plan? I know that Brenda Adams of Habitat for Humanity complained at the recent Affordable Housing forum that Hudson proper had no such plan.

  2. I don't think Hudson has a housing plan, period, unless you count our 30(ish) year old Urban Development Plan. Definitely not a sustainable situation.