Sunday, June 25, 2017

Greenport Democrats

Ordinarily, Gossips doesn't pay much attention to Greenport politics (this is, after all, a blog about Hudson), but a recent event gives rise to curiosity. On Thursday, June 22, the Greenport Democratic Committee held a caucus to nominate its candidates to run for town office in November. All registered Democrats living in Greenport were invited to come to the caucus and vote for the would-be candidates of their choice.

Yesterday, on the Democrats' blog, Thoughts on Greenport: Hanging Around Hudson, the Democrats announced their candidates: Kathy Eldridge for town supervisor; Janice Brodowski and Carol Peckham for town council; Mark Gaylord for town highway superintendent; and John Porreca for town justice.

It's the last nomination that's puzzling. Gossips has learned that the Democrats had a choice for town justice between Porreca and Robert Gagen. The question arises: Why would they opt for a Republican who has no particular qualifications to be town justice over a Democrat who is a lawyer?

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  1. Perhaps his many years as "Screw" in the local prison qualifies him to administer justice.