Friday, June 9, 2017

The Great War: June 8, 1917

The names of the men of Columbia County who had registered for the draft continued to be listed in the Hudson Evening Register for June 8, beginning on page one and running on to page two. On the day, too, the op-ed page contained an editorial recommending the role women should be playing in time of war, the first paragraph of which is quoted below. 

Aside from the various ways in which women can assist in war times--whether along economical lines, as Red Cross nurses, in gardening, census taking, filling places of men who go to the front--they have an important place in stimulating the men who will be needed to go forth in battle. They have this important part to enact now. As was pointed out in one of Sergeant Bunde's talks at the Playhouse this week now is the time that men are vitally needed. It is too late to wait to the last moment to raise troops. The first line of defense must be prepared at once. If this is not done it means the sending of untrained men against cohorts of men trained and experienced in warfare, and the consequence will be needless slaughter. . . .


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