Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hudson and Its Charm

The Spanish Romantic poet José Martí said, "Charm is the product of the unexpected." The blog "In Good Taste" on the website explains what makes a city charming:
After compiling a list of 998 mid-sized cities, we researched the walkability of each city, and then ranked them by the number of antique shops, restaurants, and hotels. We also gathered the date each city was founded because history definitely adds to the charm factor.
The following ten cities have a walk score of 80 or higher, meaning you can easily park your car and spend the rest of your day perusing the many antique shops on foot.
That being the criteria for charm, Hudson made the list: "The 10 Most Charming Cities in America."

It's pretty clear that the creators of the list never set foot in Hudson or any of the other nine cities on the list--at least not in the course of researching the article. The picture used of Hudson is one we've seen many times before. (It's the one that appears on Wikipedia.) It's so old it still shows the old Urban Renewal era lamp posts which were replaced in 2009 by the ones we have now.



  1. Jose Marti was Cuban. Besides being a poet, he is also remembered as the hero of Cuban independence. Just sayin'....

  2. those cracking and fading plastic lamp posts have worked out just great. Thanks Rick!